PetBrew can be ordered through: Any Farmlands or at our PetBrew Suppliers tab on this page.
You can also order online from our shop at the top of the page.

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PetBrew is the only fresh, live and active product that delivers billions of live probiotic lactobacilli in every bottle. 
Never freeze-dried or otherwise shelf-stabilized, our uniquely fresh products are the most advanced microbial tools to help encourage healthy gut function. Research continues to show how important gut biology is to healthy digestion, the immune system, moods/behavior, skin and more. PetBrew gives you access to the live, active microbes that produce these results!
Our customers report: improvements to skin and coat condition, improvements to overall health and energy, control of loose stools and diarrhea, improved freedom of movement, and more.
Simply mix PetBrew into your pet's food or syringe orally per label instructions and watch the results appear! For more severe conditions, a double dose may be used for 1-2 weeks until symptoms improve.
For more information regarding ordering, availability and use, please call (0508) BIOBREW

Please note: All sugars have been consumed by the probiotic microbes prior to bottling. There are no residual sugars present in any of our products at the time of bottling.