Anxious Cat turns into big softie on Petbrew...

Read a recent success story from pet lover Sara Milton, who recently completed our anxious-cat case study... Hanks Story: Hank is a 6-year-old Ocicat. He came to live with us three years ago after an unsettled period of moving houses a lot with his previous owner. Hank was always engaging and friendly, as Ocicats are bred to be. But he was also very anxious and had several behavioural issues. He was very easily startled by any noise or movement, and would never stay settled for long. He rarely sat on anyone’s lap. He also was obsessed with (and would try to steal) food, used ... Read More
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Pet Therapy: Would your itchy dog benefit from probiotics?

Itching, sneezing, skin rashes, hair loss. Like humans, dogs are also more susceptible to allergies in summer when the pollen count is higher and fleas are out in force. Vets will usually prescribe antihistamines, or cortisone, but they can’t treat the immune responses that’s causing your dog’s allergies. As these medications often induce harmful side-effects, many pet owners are now turning to another solution – probiotics. Over the last ten years, researchers have made great strides in understanding the links between our digestive and immune systems. Both dogs ... Read More
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